Nothing beats the mixed excitement and apprehension of doing things for the first time.  This is my first post.  This is my first time on WordPress.  This entire blog is dedicated to the very first travel adventure that I’ll be sharing with my fellow witches, Frankie and Abbey.

I bought my tickets about two weeks ago.  Excited much?  Yes.  But more importantly, I needed to get them before they start getting expensive.  Australia is a long way from the UK.  Heck, Australia is a long way from anywhere, except of course, New Zealand.  Initially, I wanted to share a photo of my booking details but thought it more prudent not to.  But we all like to look at pretty pictures and so while we continue the countdown to May – actually, my adventure starts in April –  here’s a photo that I hope to update because it’s much more fun running through walls with dear, dear friends. See you on the other side!

– Giselle