Got this in the mail a few weeks ago, but because of the season’s hustle and bustle, I forgot to share the thrill of it all.

Anyway, I’m overjoyed that my abstract was accepted. I am also anxious since I’ve yet to start writing the whole thing. Sure, I’ve gone to the library to borrow pertinent materials, but I have yet to start reading and visualizing and outlining! (*panic mode*)

I am suddenly reminded of Harry’s procrastination in Goblet of Fire, Triwizard Tournament. After our hero successfully retrieved the golden egg from the nasty Hungarian Horntail, Harry decided to defer figuring out the 2nd clue inside the egg. Perhaps he was high with his Horntail success and thought delaying his response to the next task was acceptable and perfectly reasonable for a champion. Maybe he thought a nice Christmas break shouldn’t be spoiled by trying to work out the clue inside the blasted egg. I remember clearly, though, that Harry’s worries really went full-blown after Christmas, Boxing Day to be exact.  The day of the 2nd task, “looked a lot closer from this side of Christmas,” Harry mused.  And so he went about his days as fretful as a band of ferrets about to be fed to a Hippogriff, “with the lurking worry of the egg heavy in his stomach, as though he were carrying that around him too.”

What can I say?  I have a dragon egg inside my tummy as well.  I just hope to the gods that scarlet dragon in University of St. Andrews’ coat-of-arms does not visit my dreams to breathe fire on my neck, both figuratively and literally.

I’ve been trying (with much success, mind) to delay the inevitable, this task of writing my paper. I’ve found many reasons, oh yes. I’ve been busy with other things: nanny duties, kitchen obligations (I’ve been rekindling my love affair with the oven of late), Yuletide responsibilities (shopping, wrapping, house-decorating), updating my documents in preparation for the UK visa application, reading up on Scotland and its culture, catching up on my books and TV shows, going back to my daily running regimen, and so forth.

I’m afraid I’m running out of reasons (valid or otherwise) to further delay what has to be done.

This madness, this delaying tactic, must end, in favor of another madness.

I guess Boxing Day is D-Day for me too. I hope so.

Cheers, Harry! We’re cut out of the same cloth. I just wish I had a Hermione to push me into action and a Ron to help me keep my sanity intact.

A House-Elf to provide me with some gillyweed wouldn’t hurt either.

— Frankie