Filling out forms is a drag, am I right, Abbey? ;p

We are currently in the middle of completing our forms for the UK visa and I must say it is one of the things I often hate every time I travel (the other is going through airport madness).  Buti pa si Gissy, hahahaha!

Applying for a UK visa, it must be said, is not as difficult (or not as affected) as, say,  applying for a US visa. From experience, I think I can confidently say that applying for a UK visa back in ’07 was quite a breeze. The office and the staff where I submitted my documents appeared to be more. . oh what’s the word? . . Urbane? Polite? Civilized? . . .(choose your adjective), than the office and staff of the US embassy. In the latter, the applicant must talk to the officer in charge with a glass window in between (with the applicant standing, no, stooping to talk at the opening in the window partition). For the UK visa, it’s actually an office, like a bank, with tellers (with nice, functional office desks) talking to applicants who are seated comfortably, mind you. And the vibe is not threatening at all.  One does not feel inferior or any of the sort. You submit your documents, the officer reads it, and that’s about it. There was no interview. It was just a matter of submitting the documents. In fact, I remember that I even had the chance to chat with the lady in charge of my docs. We talked (this I remember quite distinctly) about why she was lethargic that morning. Apparently she stayed up late watching Message in a Bottle on cable (naiyak pa daw siya).  After the brief chat, she asked me to proceed to the biometrics room where the guy in charge took my biometrics (duh) who remarked (yes, this I remember too) that I look like an artista daw. I didn’t bother asking who. I didn’t want to be disappointed with his answer. 😀

After that. . .well, I went home. The entire process didn’t even take me a full hour. More like 15-20 minutes, yes. It was that breezy. And then after a couple of days, the approved passport arrived at my doorstep.

It was like magic! Kudos to British efficiency for that.

1 page checklist from ’07

Anyway, this knowledge does not preclude me from hating the form-filling this time around. There are some changes in the process, see. The form-filling is now done online. And the checklist for the supporting documents is quite long (7 pages for a checklist, egad!). Compare that with the old checklist they had which I used 5 years ago.

One good change: the visa fee is cheaper by a few hundred pesos now. Back then I had to pay 6,035 pesos. Now it’s just 5,472 pesos. Not bad for a change.

Anyway, once Abbey and I are done with the visas,  we’ll be on a full-steam course towards May.  My star forecast speaks glowingly about the new year:

Pisces Outlook for 2012 

Year 2012 Overview

This year puts you back in your wonderful watery element, Pisces. First off, Neptune, your ruling planet, will be moving back into your constellation in February for its full cyclic residency. You got a taste of this mystical infusion in 2011; now you can fully immerse yourself in the oceanic bliss of inspiration, oneness and compassion for the duration of 2012. You’ll feel like you’ve come home to your true self. Whether you’re an artist, healer or closet mystic, you’ll have no choice but to move toward fulfilling the deeper longings of your soul. No longer can you deny how truly empathic and sensitive you are. It’s time to channel those special qualities into proper use!

Wow. Oceanic bliss of inspiration. Deeper longings of my soul. Daughter of Neptune on the move!

You’ll be doing quite a bit of digging into your past (and even your ancestral roots) for answers this year as Venus, Jupiter and May’s new Moon solar eclipse make significant contact with the core of your horoscope. This is the perfect opportunity to finally sever old fears, guilt or regrets. Consider 2012 your year to move forward into the present! You’ve been haunted by the ghosts of your past long enough.

May truly seems to be THE month. Onward, forward and upward YES! Goodbye to yesterday’s ball and chain.

Your career continues to evolve nicely under the auspices of 2012. You may experience some kind of radical peak around the full Moon eclipse in June impacting your career house – watch for significant meetings and messages around this time. The events and results of an eclipse usually take about six months to fully develop, so be patient and watch. Jupiter will offer his generous luck and assistance in your communication sector for the first half of the year until he moves on to your domestic sector. Get all your writing and other important correspondence finished before June, because the second half of 2012 could have you consumed in a hunt for a new home. Fortunately, things look quite lucky for you in real estate during the second half of the year, when Jupiter enters your domestic sector.

Everything appears to be rosy this side of the forecast.  The thing is, I don’t really put so much stock on divination (10 years ago, this Frankie would’ve given the ancient Sibyls a run for their drachma), not anymore. I still find it amusing, though. But the forecast, this prophecy is nothing without the action, without the will.  The deed defines the destiny, that’s what I say.

T-minus 4 months and change.

— Frankie