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A few days ago I was at some soya bar (it’s actually called Soya Bar, hahaha) and to while away the time, I decided to account all my expenses, at least the anticipated ones from January until May of this year. Taking into account the plane ticket for London, the pocket money I will be needing, my credit card bills, my condo association dues and my utility expenses for the next 5 months, I figured I will be needing around 165K pesos total.  And that does not include the things I will need to bring like toiletries,  and miscellaneous expenses like travel tax and airport fee, and what have you.

Quite a steep amount of cash indeed.  But I’m not really worried.  I’ve been consciously saving up for this trip since last year so I think I can manage.

The problem is, the savings I’m talking about is actually my retirement savings.

Retirement savings, you say? Yep, I’m already thinking of the distant future.  I don’t really see myself hitting the lotto big time anytime soon, and I also don’t fancy myself getting married to a filthy rich dude in the next 5 or 10 years. I mean, I don’t even fancy myself getting married, period. That’s the deal. It will just be me and me alone.  I need to think ahead. I need to prepare.

It’s not a scary prospect, though, growing old alone.  We all deal with it everyday, the growing old part, I mean.  As for doing it by your lonesome, well, it’s not as if I will be the first person to do it.  Many folks have done it before. I could think of Jane Austen and suddenly the prospect of living a solitary life sounds rewarding, if not blessed. Besides, I am already used to living alone. I value my own time, you see. I don’t like too much noise. I hate drama.  Sometimes I even think I am not fond of people that much. As long as I have my imagination, my books, my TV, and my notebook MacG with me, I’m fine. I will be so fine.

I think I already am. 🙂

As for my retirement savings, I think I can manage to dip my hands into it without completely razing my account to the ground. I may have been reckless with my moolah in my youth, but I would like to think I am so much wiser with my finances now.

So here’s to being unattached, and happy, and comfortable, and healthy, and very much content!

— Frankie