I am in pain from having to get all my supporting documents in order.

Check out this item under the finances and employment section—

If you are providing documents from a joint account, please explain who the other account holders are, and why you have permission to spend money from the account.

Must I really satisfy their curiosity?


If your spouse or partner is employed, the entry clearance officer also finds it helpful to see evidence of their employment and financial details.

Trust me ladies, sometimes it’s better to be single.

So, what’s next for Sophie? Mugshot! Okay with you, Frankie? I was just at Kodak and they don’t even have the right background. According to the VFS guidelines, photos must be taken against a light grey or cream background. I’ll be able to sleep better after we submit the documents. Just a few hours now!

P.S. I saw the loveliest galoshes in Serendra. I’m gonna head back there now to buy them. 😉