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My money is gold, shiny, and made of plastic. 😀

Because I cancelled my Citi visa, I needed a new credit card to book my flight. I called my bank to request a regular mastercard, but the customer rep said I qualify for a gold one. Did I want it? Sure, I said. Still, I did my research and found that the perks are the same as any mastercard—except that I think I get free travel insurance when I use my card to pay for the tickets. Yes! Indemnity in the event of extreme bad luck. So, reckless new owner bids warm welcome to nice shiny thing.

License to spend more than what’s in my bank—check.

Also, fashionable wellies, durable rubber shoes, sophisticated dress—check, check, check.

And did I tell you about my UK visa? I got it yesterday! I tore the package most enthusiastically, I tell you. As usual, Frankie had been right not to fret about it. I tend to make a mountain out of a molehill—to a fault. And I suffer instant headaches because of it. Speaking of headaches, I will bring my big bottle of Excedrin to the UK. Product recall or not! 😀

Frankie booked her flight yesterday; I booked mine this morning yet I managed to reserve the seat next to her for all four flights! It’s the psychic in me, haha!

So now that everything’s falling into place, I can get on with my life and do important things like, setting conditional formatting and other formulas in Excel. And! Not bothering hardworking, conscientious VFS personnel with stupid questions like, “What happens if I forget to sign my visa application form?” LOL