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I wish I could say I was literally hopping from one hotel to the other but alas, I’m only surfing online for the best deals for our trip. I have a few on the shortlist but we three are a slightly picky bunch and we must have the essentials.

What do three fabulous ladies need for their temporary accommodations? Well, it goes without saying we need a hotel with a bathroom en suite. Then I suggested it had to have a proper basic kitchen so that we can save on food. I’m cooking, by the way, and I can’t wait to cook up a hearty breakfast for my girls! Then we’ll need a hair dryer so that Abbey won’t have to bring hers (sayang din ang baggage space). Lastly, we’re going to be traveling for a while and a laundry facility would be nice.

I found one that was perfect for us! But it’s absolutely expensive and not even at Kings Cross. Okay, it’s really not that far so I wouldn’t have minded the distance but it’s £190 a night! So on to the next…

This one was way cheaper and closer to Kings Cross* station and it has laundry facilities. I want to call them up tomorrow to confirm that it’s free to use. Maybe it’s coin-operated and I want to know how much. Here in Sydney, coin-operated washing machines are about $3.00 per load. Then you pay another $3.00 for the dryer. I just want to compare.

I’ve got a few other hotels and B&Bs to check out tomorrow. It’s getting a bit late and while it’s the perfect time to be calling London, I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind. I’m reminded of the time I booked my mom’s hotel in Sydney just last October. I booked it after 9PM and I made the stupid mistake of booking for nine nights instead of eight. It was a special rate and I couldn’t re-book so she had to re-book her flight back to Manila to be able to avail of the last night. So funny but so stupid as well.

Anyway, I gotta get some shut-eye. Tomorrow’s another day of hotel surfing. I need to get in touch with my girls before I book anything. But thank goodness most hotels don’t charge a cancellation fee if you cancel. Wish me luck!

*Tee-hee. Kings Cross here in Sydney is like the red light district. 😉