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She’s been everyone’s fairy godmother of late, what with her PHP contribution, not to mention her rah-rah ways when it comes to planning and supervising our accommodation plans for our UK trip.

It’s so nice to be friends with somebody whose brain cells move in the same wavelength as yours, is it not?

Blossom and Buttercup

And so to the only witch who had the audacity, the power in fact, to make me cry in public (for her surprise visit while I was speaking at an Albus Dumbledore memorial no less, many years ago), and whose generous spirit constantly reminds me that I can always do so much more for others. . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your special day, and the rest of your days, be filled with the important things in life—lots of love, peace of mind, good health, boundless hope, and many great learning experiences along the way.

See you soon!