Around 4 months ago, I thought things are going to be easier with the writing front come February.  Oh, you know, maybe a few edits left and right, a few word adjustments to fit my mood, Powerpoint preps. . .those small bits, sure.

4 months later, here I am, taking on more work than what is absolutely necessary.

The conference paper is not yet done. I really thought I’d be through with it by this week.  I didn’t want to be encumbered by conference matters this month of all months, but as far as the HP paper goes, I still need a few data, and I’m guessing I still need 3 or 4 more pages to say everything I need to say about Harry. Maybe 5, goshdarnit. And I’m pretty sure I’d be ruthlessly editing about half of what I’ve already written once I’m done with everything.

And then there’s the La Sallian Enrichment Alternative Program scheduled for tomorrow.  Now that I have the benefit of hindsight, I never should have said ‘yes’ to this event.  The thing is, I could never say ‘no’ to anything HP-related.  So there you go. Additional workload for me.  Thank heavens I have a few things from my lecture notes I could easily recycle.

And then there’s the possibility of another symposium around March. And another gig introducing a former colleague in some conference that same month.  While I’d love to do both, the former would require about a month to plan and to write at  the same time, and the latter at least a week to process and maybe 3 days to write (I do take my introductions rather seriously).

And then there’s the PHP Ball, plus the A Very Snape Valentine Musical Extravaganza rehearsals. I’m looking forward to both, at any rate, so the hard work should be well worth it.

And then there’s that elephant in the room I’ve been trying to ignore for years now (starts with a D and ends with issertation).

*Ignore, ignore, ignore Dumbo*

I don’t know what got into me. I’m not Superwoman.  I can’t possibly deal with all these stuff at the same time.  I don’t have the energy, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the stable sanity needed for such an organized set of goals.

And then there are a few other things that get in the way, things that suck whatever sanity’s left in me. I’m still doing sentry duty (home front is still on red alert weeks after the foiled burglary; village security hasn’t really improved and suspicious creatures are still loitering in the immediate area) which means I’ve been sleep deprived for weeks now. I still do nanny duties during the weekends (time-consuming, but so much fun if I may just add), so not much time to unwind, really.

These are the moments when you wish you have superpowers to deal with everything. What does it take to be gifted with super strength, or speed, or flight, anyway? Is it too much to ask for a vat of, I don’t know, radioactive waste to fall into? Or to be bitten by genetically modified spiders? Or to have Jor-El as your old man?

Or a wand? Is it too much to ask for a wand that actually works?

It seems like this particular Powerpuff needs a vacay asap.

I do have a pretty high EQ (at least when it comes to those marshmallow tests) so I know I have to go through all that writing scourge before I can fly (literally and figuratively, yes). But the kyrptonite around my neck is just too much to handle right now I felt the need to vent.

Where the heck is Miss Tessmacher??!