Frankie reminded me that it’s my turn to post on The Fates. And so I shall blog about the time I…

…found my passion for running. 😀

High from a decent 5K finish in the Skyway marathon, I am already thinking of joining two more this year: a sundown race and an out-of-town run. I was supposed to join this but it’s too close to our trip, and on my birthday too! It’s weird…I gained a competitive spirit from that last race. Haha!

Anyway, I have a cunning running plan for the next two months to prepare myself for 10K. I also have to do some cross-training on days that I won’t run. When I was younger, I was a decent skater. Nowadays I run to keep fit because I’m too self-conscious and uncoordinated to try any other sport. :p Besides, running is free—after you buy all the running gear you need. 😀


P.S. WordPress says this is my fifth post. Mission accomplished.