beauty + brains = intimidating | Real men only. Boys need not apply.

The first time I met Frankie was at a coffee/pastry shop (the name escapes me now) beside Tickles in Glorietta 4. That was 10 years ago, and surprise, surprise, it was for a PHP activity. The connection wasn’t instant but I think subconsciously, I knew this was a woman I could be really good friends with. And indeed, Frankie has become one of my closest and trusted friends; I have PHP to thank for that.

She’s often described – mostly by the opposite sex – as being “intimidating” but is she, really? I suppose when you get to know her and find out her vast knowledge on literature, art, and pop culture and add to that her self-assured and confident aura, then you will feel mousy and inadequate beside her. Did I tell you she’s also well-traveled?

There are several traits that I love about Frankie: she’s self-effacing; always level-headed; and always willing to lend a helping hand even amidst any personal or professional hardships she may be facing at that moment. I also love the fact that we’ve got so many *apir* moments that it’s like I’m talking to a sexy, prettier, and smarter version of myself. 😉

There’s one more thing I love about Frankie. She’s so easy to buy gifts for! Her interests are so defined that I never struggle to find her something that I know she’ll like. How’s that Doctor Who cookie jar, by the way? 🙂 And I can’t wait for her to get the gifts I got her for Christmas and her birthday!!!

So happy birthday, dear Frankie! I’ll see you in May! 🙂