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Today was a good day, and one that I deserve after all that crap at work. What did I do, you ask? Well, with Excedrin still in my system and a horrible migraine trying to rip my skull apart, I ran and ran—and ate a vegetarian burrito after. (laugh)

I covered 3k which is my new longest distance milestone to date. If I wanted to, I could’ve run another lap at normal pace and without stopping or drinking. But I have to stick to our running plan. I mean, I don’t want to overtrain or anything. My cousin and I have another two months before we’re ready to finish 5k nonstop. But at this point, I’d be happy to join a 3k race because I’m confident I could run that distance easy. There are two marathons in April that look promising—Earth Run 2012 and NatGeo Earth Day Run—even though I don’t believe in causes. (laugh)

And this is the pair of racing shoes I’m planning to get:

If I have time next week, I’ll start looking for a place to run in London. After all, Buneebuns has to be in shape for another race event come June.