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Underneath that pile of clothes is my suitcase


I just completed a dry-run of all the clothes I’ll be bringing on my trip and now it’s piled up on top of my suitcase. Hey, that’s progress! At least it’s out of my closet. I’m just taking a quick break to blog before I start packing it properly.


Sorry, Gryffindor scarf. I'll bring you to my next big adventure, I promise.

I’ve gone through my to-bring list and unfortunately, the Gryffindor scarf didn’t make the cut. I had to opt for another scarf that’s more multi-purpose (read: could be worn with more outfits). But have no fear, my Gryffindor tie is traveling with me.

It doesn’t feel like autumn in Sydney right now because while I was trying on some of my thicker items of clothing, I started sweating. I just hope that I haven’t underestimated UK weather. I guess that’s a good enough excuse to go shopping there if I start freezing my bum off.

And below is my kikay kit, the first item I finished packing this morning. Oh, little accomplishments are sweet, indeed. 🙂 But now, off to finish my packing so that I can finalise a few last-minute travel details.

I am a Wicked Sista!