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Please make it all fit!
(Photo from http://kevinane.wordpress.com)

This’ll be a really short entry.

Two sleeps to go! I’ve re-packed my suitcase twice now. But as the saying goes, third time’s a charm. The suitcase is light and manageable, considering I’ve already packed my CPAP* but I want to push the weight down further. Also, I think the Crumpler backpack’s going to be left behind in favour of a lighter but equally durable Hedgren.

Frankie asked if I really needed to bring the machine and what would happen if I didn’t. Here’s me trying to be dramatic:

“I will snore and choke myself slowly every night until I die.”

Actually, it’s true. I won’t get a good night’s sleep and neither will my two traveling sisters.

*Continuous Positive Airway Pressure