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Checked in and waiting for boarding! Woot-woot. And you now what? After all that packing and repacking, the final weight of my luggage was…drumroll please…


I am the man! I mean, the woman!

I woke up at 6AM and was ready to go by 6.30AM. My housemate, Belle, was also on her way to the airport. She’s on her way to Auckland for work. Hubby, Norman, was going to drive her to the airport. I wasn’t supposed to go with them but since I was ready, I hitched a ride. I was way too early but that was okay because the online check-in counter at Qantas was long and painfully slow. Doesn’t it annoy you when people pack their luggage more than the allowed 23kg knowing full well they might need to re-pack and remove items? A family of about 6 persons were doing that at the counter. They were asked to remove items from their giant orange suitcase three times! Three times, I tell you. Sheesh.

Anyway, I’m just lounging around the Sydney airport waiting for boarding in about 45 minutes. Will check back in when I get to Bangkok later.

Here’s a photo of me taken this morning by my god-daughter. 🙂

At the airport, bright and early