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Tonight is my last day in Cambridge and I hardly took photos. The rains made it difficult to go out with my Canon 7D so I only had my trusty pink Ixus in my pocket. And still, I rarely took it out to take any pictures. Good thing Rhea is excellent at taking clandestine photos. (I’ll explain the clandestine part in a minute.)

I’ve yet to organise my photos from Cornwall with the Mithens and I haven’t even told you of my adventures on the trains and bus ride from Guildford to Cambridge. Suffice it to say that this holiday is one heck of an adventure and it’s only my second week!

Now for the clandestine part. In Cambridge, obviously being a university town, we wanted to see the different colleges and churches and libraries. Now, if you were a student and knew the back entrances, you wouldn’t have to pay for entrance fees and you would be allowed into areas that weren’t for the general public, tourists included. Rhea’s friend, Paul, is an excellent tour guide. He knew all the back ways which he says are actually prettier that the front entrances of the colleges anyway. In order for us to get into some of these back ways, we had to pretent to be a student and that meant keeping the camera away and trying not to look like a tourist. It also helps if you walk like you know where you’re going and – this is the most important – look like you’re deep in thought and maybe a bit sullen. LOL, student life! Being in Cambridge is making me feel like wanting to go back to school. Oh my goodness! Today, we went to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences! I don’t even have the words to describe how giddy I was inside the museum!

Hanging with one of the founders of modern geology.

Next up was the University Museum of Zoology and then the Whipple Museum. You may be wondering why we stayed indoors today and the answer lies in the weather. The forecast was torrential rains and rain it did. At least indoors, we were kept dry. In the afternoon, we headed to the Botanic Gardens and when it started to rain again, we hung out in the green house. Not bad planning around the fickle UK weather, eh?

Now, Rhea and I are back at our B&B on 51 St. Andrews Road resting. Paul’s out on rowing practice with his rowing club.

Here are some more photos from Rhea:

Wonderful tulips!

The rains flattened our hair.

Group shot!

On the grounds of the many colleges around Cambridge.

Paul showing us where we’re going next.

Thanks, Paul, for punting! What a lovely way to see Cambridge.

Although Paul encouraged us to try steering, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to stand up. Rhea and I both don’t have good balance.