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It literally is midnight in Paris – 12.20AM to be exact – as I write this entry and I’ve had a very packed day of walking. If my feet could umm, walk out on me, they would. *insert canned laughter*

This morning, my aunt gave me a tour of Montmartre and I got to walk in Amelie’s footsteps as we walked to the various movie locations. Note to self: watch Amelie again!

In the afternoon, I set out to see Paris on my own as my aunt had to stay back and work from her charming flat at Rue Gabrielle. Je ne parle pas français. That’s about all I know how to say in French apart from ouinon, merci, au revoir, and je m’appelle Giselle. But I survived! Whew.

Sorry to disappoint but I haven’t had time to organise my 100+ photos just from today. I will give you a few, though.

Can you tell me which Audrey Hepburn movie featured this corner cafe, La Maison Rose?

A shot of the Eiffel Tower all the way from Montmartre. I love my 18-270mm Tamron lens!

The next photo, I consider to be a horrible one. But since the guys who took it were so damn hot, I can’t complain. I was resting at the fountain behind the pyramid at Louvre when, “Excusez-moi, pourriez-vous prendre notre photo?” a really cute guy asks me. To which I reply, “Je ne parle pas français.” Yes! I was able to use the one sentence I’ve memorised! So cute guy proceeded to ask me in English. There were a lot of hand gestures and eventually, we both understood each other. So I take a photo of them and said that they should take one of me too, using my camera. They agreed initially. Then when I handed one of them the camera, he said, “Do you want a picture with each of us?” I didn’t understand it at first and said that I wanted him to take a picture of me. I handed him the camera and the resultant photo is below.

Too mesmerized by my photographer's hotness to complain that he cut off the top of the pyramid!!!

After we’d said our mercis and au revoirs and I was walking away, still in a daze, did I realise my stupid, stupid mistake! I should’ve said yes to them being in the photo with me. Duh! Ah well, maybe I’ll bump into them again tomorrow. I walk, walk, walk through to the Jardin des Tuileries to the Musée de l’Orangerie and along the Seine  until I’m finally at the Eiffel Tower!

And here I am at the foot of the Eiffel Tower! If you're traveling alone and don't have anyone to take your photo, I suggest using a wide angle lens. Times like these (me traveling alone), I love my 10-22mm lens!

By the time I got back to Montmartre, it was 8:45PM. Auntie treated me to dinner and then we went back to the Moulin Rouge to see it in lights.

Moulin Rouge is just a few blocks from where I'm staying.

Tomorrow is another day of walking and also my last full day in Paris. The battle plan is to go inside Musée d’Orsay and Musée Louvre.

Next stop: Sibiu, Romania