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*insert canned laughter, part two*

You know how I said that I was going to see Musée d’Orsay and Musée Lourve? Well, d’Orsay was an epic fail. Granted that I got there late (11:00AM) and it was Saturday, I didn’t expect the line to be that long! At one point, the security at the entrance said that they’d have to stop people coming in until there’s room inside the museum for more visitors.

Insane line outside the Musee d'Orsay. There's actually 6 lines that snake from the building in the middle until the entrance.

I thought I might have a better chance at the Louvre and so over the Pont des Arts bridge I went. While I knew that Paris is the city of love, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as locking your love and throwing away the key until I Googled it when I got home. Well, I sort of had an idea of what the padlocks were doing on that bridge over the Seine. Cheesy? Yes.  Would I do it? No. Well…hmmm. You see, I’m working on a hypothetical here. I’m not in a relationship and don’t foresee myself in one in the near future so it’s hard to imagine I’d be that lovestruck to put a lock on a chain in a country I don’t even live in.

Professions of love come in many forms. Over at the Pont des Arts bridge, lock your love and throw away the key over the Seine.

Okay, I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, the Louvre. I get there and the line is also very long. But I persevered and it wasn’t that bad a wait before I was walking through the glass pyramid and descending into the Louvre. A quick tip for those planning to visit, pre-book and jump the queue! Also, take your time. You’ll never finish it within a day or even two. It takes a long time so plan your trip and what you definitely want to see beforehand. I had a plan: to see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m very easy to please.

Knowing that my chances for getting lost inside the museum was very high, I opted to get an audio tour guide. OMG. This is the best museum ever! And I’m just talking about their audio guide! Wait until you get to see the collection!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Louvre’s audio guide:

A Nintendo 3DS helps you navigate through the massive Louvre.

You can get the audio guide for about €6 and it’s charged up to three hours. If you run out of juice, just return to any audio guide kiosk and they’ll replace it for you. When you pick it up, you’re required to leave identification like a passport or driver’s license. I left my passport.

I chose the Masterpieces tour which has Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, and The Wedding at Cana. The audio/video guide locates where you are and shows you directions whilst giving commentaries based on the rooms and artworks you pass through. Just follow the arrows on the screen.

Intrigued by this statue, I pressed the catalog code written beneath it and listened to a commentary on the 3DS.

I must point out that there is a real danger of taking too many photos that one might miss out on the actual experience. I saw many people just snapping away at everything within shooting distance and posing with famous artworks and I didn’t want to be one of them. Sure, it’s nice to have a memento but some experiences are better committed to one’s memory, don’t you think? Even the most sophisticated camera can’t replicate what we see with our own eyes.

Yet again, I didn’t take that many photos. It’s hard enough walking around the one of the largest museums in the world what with a 3DS and a 7D hanging around my neck, not to mention I had a bag and a trench coat too. I’ve only got two hands and today, the skirt that I wore didn’t even have pockets. To make it easier to handle the 3DS and the camera, I shoved my trench coat into my bag and zipped it shut. (There were warnings about pickpockets even inside the Louvre.) But whenever you enter one of the three major entrances in the museum – the Sully, Denon, or Richelieu – you needed to present your ticket. What’s a girl like me to do?

My ticket safe and sound and ready to be drawn when asked to be presented.

I could tell you more but I’d be boring you to tears. You have to be there to take it all in. Instead, I’ll leave you with an enigmatic smile not my own but of the famous Mona Lisa. Au revoir!

Hanging with Mona. The place was packed! This was the best photo I could manage amidst the crowd.