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I love Tarom. They’ve got the nicest flight attendants ever. Or maybe that’s because I was flying business class? Yes, business class. For some reason, when I booked my tickets from Paris to Sibiu, the business class seats were cheaper by €20 compared to economy. Don’t ask me how that happened, it just did. Of course, being in business class meant I had access to Air France’s business lounge! My, my. I could get used to flying business – at least to Romania.

On the Paris-Bucharest leg, the plane’s business class could accommodate a maximum of 15 persons but there were only four of us and I was the only female. Sweet! On the Bucharest-Sibiu leg, the business class was only for a maximum of six persons and I was the only one in business class which meant I could choose where I wanted to sit! Super sweet!

This leg of the trip would have been smooth sailing except for one hitch. I didn’t know that disembarking on my first flight meant a short bus trip to the terminal. We had arrived at 8:32PM and my boarding for the connecting flight was at 8:50PM. I thought I’d just saunter into the airport with enough time to take a few snaps but no. By the time I managed to get to the transfer area and go through security check, it was already 8:53PM! Dear God! I heard my name called three times! Stress! I ran all the way to the boarding gate only to discover that there was a bus waiting there to take the passengers to the plane. I went in with my head bowed, not making eye contact. It was embarrassing. But the important thing was that I managed to make it in the end. Whew.

I suppose the consolation for that hair-raising experience was that during the Paris-Bucharest leg, business class passengers were presented with a small commemorative token.  I felt like a winner. I remember the flight attendant looked a bit shy as he tried to speak English (without stumbling on his words) to let me know that Tarom Airlines was the official carrier of the Romanian athletes to the Olympics. He was really nice. 🙂

Proud supporter of the Romanian Olympic contingent.

And so, I’m in Sibiu, Romania, hanging with high school pal, Mari-an. Fun times ahead! Woohoo! But now, we need rest for tomorrow is a day of walking, I’m told. 😉

After a long day of traveling, finally with Mari-an!