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*you know the song, so sing at will*

I love to pack. I love going over my list and checking it twice. I love loading and unloading, and then reloading. *rinse, lather, repeat*

I do follow the age-old adage of traveling light. By light, I mean no provisions for the what-ifs, the “just-in-case” scenarios that usually plague any traveler. As long as there’s a laundromat in the areas where we will be staying during our 3-week journey, then a few clothes should be enough. How few is few? Clothes good for 7 days, that’s it. And oh, the only “just in case” provision I have in my luggage is a few sachets of my trusted laundry detergent powder. What can I say? I love doing my laundry (either by hand or by machine).

Since the weather up in the U.K. has been inclement of late (it hit a low of one degree Celsius a few nights ago), I have to have some thermal clothes in the mix, a thick sweater, an overcoat for the rain, and a cardigan for the not-so-cold days. There’s my “academic clothes”—blazer, white long-sleeved shirt, black pants combo for the conference. I must also not forget my Snape coat, admittedly the heaviest and bulkiest piece of garment of the bunch. There’s also my rain booties now filled with socks in various colors (a neat packing trick for you. It saves some space, not to mention it keeps the form of your shoes) as well as my brown pair of Ecco walking shoes.

My luggage is quite small; small relative to what most 3 week travelers usually pack, I think. I am allowed a luggage of 23 kg to check in but since I do like to travel light, it’s currently at 15.5 kg. Not bad, I guess. It’s kinda bulky to look at, but no worries. Some of the stuff I have inside are either disposables (soap, shampoo, Kleenex and other toiletries) or consumables (vitamins, granola bars and pretzels, anyone?).

My carry-on luggage is also of the petite kind. It’s a small backpack that will snugly fit my 11 inch laptop (named MacG), charger, 2 clear folders with documents, my small wallet, a shawl, toothbrush and make-up kit, a comb, Kleenex, a book (I hope Mr. Granger, the keynote speaker at the conference, wouldn’t mind signing my copy), an eye mask for sleeping, a pen, and my phone. And oh, a bag of pretzels too, of course. 🙂

Now what about a camera? Actually, this is going to be the first time I will be traveling without one. Yep, you read that one right. I will not bring a camera with me. I will just use my Nokia N8. It has a 12 mp camera so it’s good enough for me. I don’t want to bring too many gadgets, you see (*Note, the photo above was taken using the N8).

I guess that’s about it. As Jodie Foster’s character, Dr. Ellie Arroway in the movie Contact kept saying while onboard the alien transport. . .

I’m okay to go.