I’m not talking about the punk rock band of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione and neither am I referring to Parian dolls. I’m talking about my rendezvous in Dresden with Rochelle! The entire point of my side-trip to Germany was to meet up with her anyway. I know it’s only one full day that we get to spend together but that’s good enough for us. We’ll see each other in Manila this December anyway.

I hadn’t gone on the steamboat ride along the Elbe because I thought it would be nice to do that when Rochelle and Peter arrived. Unfortunately, we missed out on the river tour because it’s not as regular as I thought it would be. I don’t quite understand it but it has something to do with the number of tickets sold. Like if 40 tickets were sold, then the tour would proceed or something like that. Weird.

First it was Sydney, now Dresden. Where to next, Rochelle?

Posing by the Nymph’s Bath at the Palacio Zwinger.

And so we just walked around the city centre had lunch at the Grand Café & Restaurant Coselpalais then had coffee at the outdoor market. Having done the tour of the city two days ago, I became their semi-tour guide. About two hours ago, we went to the Dormero Hotel in Wazaplatz which is a 15-minute tram ride. I just had to show Rochelle and Peter my wonderful hotel room. And to think I got this at a discounted rate of € 153 for four nights!

Showing off my hotel room with the big bed!

Now it’s blogging time and resting. I’ll meet up with them in the city later at about 8:30 PM for dinner. We initially wanted to go to the Australian restaurant called Ayers Rock, but the only meats they serve there were chicken, kangaroo, and crocodile. We might go with the Canadian Steakhouse unless we find a good German restaurant to go to. Honestly, I’m not too picky about which place we eat at. I’ve already had my nice German food both and even in Romania. (Hermania is a German restaurant in Sibiu.)