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Day two (May 1) in Sibiu was a very relaxed day. This is what a holiday ought to be. No waking up early or hiking like I’m on military training. This day was dedicated to leisurely walking around Sibiu. In the limited time that Mari-an’s been living here, she’s amassed such knowledge about the area and its surrounds that surely she can run her own guided walking tours not just within Sibiu but to neighbouring towns as well! I was really impressed and truly grateful that she’s enriched me by imparting local facts as we strolled along cobblestoned streets and narrow alleyways.

The steps that lead to Piata Mare. We walked this path countless times and I take a photo every time. I love the old world feel.

Best way to cool down on a hot Sibiu day.

Pretty windows above one of the bars at Piata Mica (small plaza).

Public pay phones still exist.

An Orthodox church with a distinct striped design. Not very many of them around.

We decided to take a break and have a drink in one of the many pubs in town. It’s a bit odd, that some places here don’t sell any food. You get a menu with all sorts of drinks but nothing to nibble on, not even a pack of chips or peanuts. Gossip and philosophical thoughts became our fodder. We talked about life and love and I shared a little bit about my first relationship but I’m not blogging about him. (I heard from a friend that he’s currently gallivanting in South America. How lovely.)

Enjoying a Caipiroska Strawberry.

Something non-alcoholic. One of us needed to keep sober. Haha.

Refreshed, we climbed the town’s clock tower were you could get a view of the entire town.

Clock tower on the right.

Enjoying my view from the top.

Piata Mare down below.

Sibiu rooftops.

Then in the evening, we had dinner at Hermania and midway during our meal, a violinist serenaded the patrons with sweet music. A perfect way to end a perfectly relaxing day.

Pork schnitzel stuffed with bacon and cheese. Yum.
Wait, I’m distracted by my fabulous lashes. Tee-hee.

Mari-an feeling the music by violinist, Dan I. Balasoiu.