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Saying goodbye to Dresden is bittersweet. On one hand, I’m excited to see Frankie and Abbey in London tomorrow, but on the other, I know I’m going to miss this little German city. And to think this wasn’t even on my initial holiday itinerary. Just as it had been with Sibiu, I knew nothing of Dresden. I’ve got to thank Bayer for sending Rochelle to a conference here, otherwise, I would’ve missed out exploring this lovely little town and learning about it’s rich history. You can ask me about Augustus Strong, Godfried Sempur, Lady Cosel, and even the history of the buildings in the city centre and I can answer you like I was a local tour guide.

Dinner with Rochelle and Peter.

What endeared me to this place was the warmth of the people I encountered during my brief stay. I was quite apprehensive about this trip, thinking that maybe the Germans would be cold and aloof especially to someone who didn’t speak their language. I’m happy to be pleasantly surprised. I even made friends with an Uzbekistan-born German resident. Bina was manning a postcard and poster booth along Brühl’s Terrace where I bought a few postcards.

I also commend the efficiency of their public transport system and the fact that pets are allowed on public transport. 🙂 The tram lines were easy to understand that it would be hard to get lost.

Lastly, I love my hotel! It’s one of the best ones I’ve ever stayed at. The staff was super friendly and helpful and my room was just awesome! And I still can’t get over the fact that it only cost me AUD $200 for the four-night stay, not to mention free Internet use and free minibar drinks.

This is not the end, dear Dresden. I may yet see you again. I still have photos to upload and more detailed stories to tell. For now, allow me to share with others your wonderful city by night.