and we answered.

The Witches of Eastwick landed in London last night but the excitement of seeing each other coupled with the tiring journey – Abbey and Frankie from Manila and me from Dresden – all took its toll on us. We’ve had to wait a full day of non-stop walking and chatting and taking photos to actually find the time to blog.

It’s already 1AM and we really should all be asleep, fresh and ready for tomorrow Harry Potter studio tour. But we just got to our hotel at 11PM because we just watched The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre!

Before I fall asleep sitting down on the bed, here’s a brief summary of our day:

Watch out, London; the Powerpuff Girls are here!

The Charmed Ones.

Recognise the statues behind us? (Photo by Frankie)

We’re not afraid of Death Eaters: Crossing the Millenium Bridge.

Spotting Tim Burton at the Dark Shadows premiere at Leicester Square. Too bad I didn’t see Johnny Depp.

We saw The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre.

More updates to come!