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4th day in London.

The three witches decided to see more of the city, minus anything Harry Potter-related today. Yesterday’s Studio Tour at Warner Bros. was just too overwhelming ; HP overload, in a good way, of course.

We started the day with Buckingham Palace to witness the changing of the guards.

I didn’t take too many photos this time around. Five years ago I took a lot. I mean, LOADS of photos and videos. This time I was more, oh what’s the word? Subdued? Restrained? 😀

Pinoy chicerya! Cup noodles!

After checking out the palace, we spotted this small Filipino deli nearby, and since it was already nearing noon, we decided to have a Pinoy lunch in the city. We ordered ginataang kalabasa and tapsilog. The Pinay lady who took our orders was very accommodating.  Ma chika siya, in other words.

Then we took the subway and went zooming underground for the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben. Westminster Abbey was just a short distance away so we all went there for Abbey. Abbey wanted to have a photo taken in front of the other Abbey, that’s why 😀

The temperature was still on the chilly side, but since the sun was still up, we continued our walking tour and headed straight to another church—the Westminster Cathedral. I just had to drop by. Why? You see five years ago, I went to this Church on a lark. It was not in my itinerary. I actually got a bit lost, I think, back then and since the Church was right there, I went inside. True to Pinoy form, I made 3 wishes.  Five years later, I’m here again. I went back this afternoon to Westminster Cathedral to say a short prayer of thanks for granting one of my wishes— for me to come back to London.

Two for two, you say? No, there has to be a third Church to complete the day.

Finally, we made our last stop at the Temple Church. Now this is probably one of my favorite places in all of London (save for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, of course).

Frankie with a Templar Knight, 2007.

Frankie with a Templar Knight, 2012

Being back at the Temple was comforting. I don’t know why. It must be the ambience. It’s probably the quietest place in all of London. I loved the cobbled stone alleys, the brick walls, the architectural style of the masons, even the Knight effigies inside the Church.

Nothing much has changed in five years. Discount the absence of scaffoldings that greeted me back in 2007, everything was the same.

The Knight astride a horse is still there, watching over everyone. I still have long hair. My smile is still the same.  Only this time, I have two friends with me to share the place with.

Being back here in London is pretty amazing. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely unbelievable, for I’ve always known, deep down in my heart, that I will be back. That I, that Fate will find a way for me to return to this city.

I have, indeed, returned.

Eat that, General MacArthur.

Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom taking a quick rest in front of the Temple Church.