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I’m sure some of you may be wondering why none of us have blogged about our Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour knowing how excited we were about going to Leavesden. We even had a countdown timer on the lower left-hand side of our blog. The truth is, it’s difficult do put down into words how we each felt about the experience. It was overwhelming, in a good way.

Bill Weasley look-a-like on the train to Watford Junction!

Waiting for the WB bus that will take us to Leavesden.

The wall provided great cover from the cold morning wind.

Personally, I don’t even want to post all my photos. I know it sounds selfish but for the Harry Potter fans out there, you will thank me for it later. Can someone say SPOILER? And now for the real selfish reason why I don’t want to blog about it. The trip was something so personal and so close to my heart that I want to keep it all to myself. Blogging about it would somehow diminish how special and sacred the entire day was for me.

When Frankie, Abbey, and I were on the bus back to the train station, we had talked about how or if we were even going to write about our May 10 experience. Frankie reckons she’d write a really long post; Abbey thinks she won’t; and I think I’d write too little. Words would never be enough.

PoA and GoF lockets. Thanks, Abbey! 🙂

I suppose all I can tell you was that I cried four times during our entire stay at the Leavesden studio. Yes, four times. This deluge of emotions came from two things and two things alone. First, that I was actually here immersed in the set and the studios and the props where they made the movies – where Rupert, Dan, Emma practically grew up! As Abbey’s brother said, this was like a pilgrimage, a journey to our Harry Potter Mecca. As you will see, we came in our Harry Potter attire. (I don’t like saying costume anymore because my robes have become such a part of my wardrobe.) Second – and this reason makes my eyes water every time – is that I could never have asked for the two perfect witches to enjoy it with. To think that we got to do this together is just mind-blowing and I wouldn’t have wanted to go here with anyone but Abbey and Frankie.

Okay, enough of the drama. On to some more photos.

Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Our tour schedule was at 11AM but true to form, we were on the first bus to the studio at 9.20AM. We hung around the WB shop to case the joint and see what we could buy and pine for the ones we either couldn’t afford or were too heavy to pack into our suitcases. It was good that we were allowed to take photos in the shop too.

Crookshanks looks so…cranky!

Frankie in character. ALWAYS.

Finally, 11AM came and we lined up and shortly left the Muggle world behind. We emerged five hours later. 😉

Our tickets for the souvenir guide; the digital audio/video guide; and the entrance ticket. We only got to keep the ones for the souvenir and the entrance. 😦 I should’ve asked for the digital guide ticket back!

Pretending to be part of the cast. Here’s our hair and make-up dresser. Tee-hee.

Hangin’ outside Hagrid’s Hut. Taking a break from all the walking to finish our digital audio/video guide.

It’s great to be back at The Burrow. Now where are my siblings?

Let us in! Locked out of the Hogwarts gate.

I’ll stay at Leavesden Studios for a bit longer and catch the bus back to London!

Butterbeer! Cheers!

I could drink all three glasses but that would be selfish.

That’s us riding the Ford Anglia. I was driving.

Picking up Harry from 4 Privet Drive.

Look at the size of those chess pieces! Uh-oh, and I think the knight wants slay me.

What an awesome day indeed! As promised, I didn’t post all my photos both for selfish and unselfish reasons. On the way back to King’s Cross, I said a little prayer of thanks that even through the dreariness of Muggle life, there is still (Harry Potter) magic in this world.

Platform 9 3/4 is at King’s Cross Station which is just a few blocks from where these three witches are staying.

At our hotel: The secrets have been revealed and it was magical!