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When shall we three meet again?

Today we all leave London. We were at the airport by 10:45 AM, thereabouts, even if Abbey’s and Frankie’s flight out wasn’t until 3:00 PM. I’m still at Heathrow because I don’t fly out until 9:15 PM!

Among other things, we talked about where we’d go to next. No one wanted to talk about saying goodbye. Even last night, at the Belvedere Hotel in Paddington, just touching on the subject made us choke up.

When it came for the girls to go through the departure gates, we hugged quickly and said our goodbyes with very minimal eye contact. I know I was choking down tears and when they had gone, I thought my heart was going to explode. If we had lingered longer, none of us would have been able to contain it. So yeah, we all quit while we were still winning the fight against intense emotions.

Maybe when I’m back in Sydney, I can have a good cry. After that, I can start dreaming of our next adventure together.