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“Sugar and spice, and everything nice…”

Red looks good on you, Abbey.

Of the three of us, I think Abbey personifies her alter-ego Bubbles the most. Both are very good artists and need a little bit of looking after. But don’t be fooled by her seemingly sweet and innocent exterior. She can dish it out if she wants to.

For those who didn’t know, Abbey and I are actually batch mates from St. Scho, Manila along with Meann. While Meann and I were classmates, I hardly had anything to do with Abbey. I didn’t even know that she was part of the Glee Club production staff when I was Glee Club VP. I knew who she was and in which high school circles she moved in but apart from the facial recognition, I don’t think we ever exchanged even one word in high school. Fast-forward to the year 2000 and I was really getting into Harry Potter. At about the same time, Yahoogroups was gaining popularity and another batch mate had created a mailing list for our batch. This was when I began to get to know Abbey a little bit more. Other Harry Potter fans within the batch Yahoogroups had gravitated towards each other and formed a sort of sub-group. I remember the first unofficial batch reunion we had. Abbey and I arrived together and I think we got weird looks. Of course, they’re remembering us from our high school days and we’ve both changed.

I don’t think I’ve been closer to anyone outside of my high school class the way I have

Mischief managed. St. Andrews by night.

been to Abbey. She’s the Romy to my Michelle and the George to my Ron Weasley. We get into all sorts of mischief and can be pretty bitchy when we want to. This past epic adventure has made us even closer, having had to share a bed in a few B&Bs. Luckily, we both aren’t very fidgety sleepers. Also on our trip, I’ve had the best time taking photos of Abbey and of Frankie! They’re the best models because they’re so game to pose and don’t say silly things like, “I’m ugly there. Delete.” And they don’t mind me taking candid/stolen photos as well. 🙂

My post is going nowhere so I think I should end it here. All I really wanted to say was happy, happy, happy birthday, Bubbles! You make me and Blossom laugh with your accident-prone ways. I’m sure you had a good birthday celebration since you said you woke up to kare-kare! And I bet hubby and the kiddies made your homecoming even more special! To our next adventure!

Today, Parliament House. Tomorrow? Who knows?