at Castlemount B&B, St. Andrews

I told Gissy and Abbey this maybe once, maybe more—-that if I had known Abbey, a.k.a. Bubbles back when we were in our formative years, heck maybe even college, then I’m quite certain we would never have been friends. We are too, too different, you see. Listening to her stories from her and Gissy’s high school years was enough to buffer my claim. She belonged (and I’m guessing still does) to the popular crowd. She was at the top of the food chain. My kind (the uncool, nerdy folks who rarely brush their hair and always eat their snacks by their lonesome) is usually devoured by those from her kind. It’s just the way things are.

Now I still find myself amazed as to how things have changed. Suddenly, I find myself moving within her sphere, imagine that. Or is the other way around, thanks to Harry Potter? Abbey has mingled with commoners like me, hahahaha. Seriously, I have Harry Potter to thank for giving me another friend in Bubbles. Our paths would never have crossed if not for this boy wizard, if not for Hogwarts Philippines in particular.

And so to my bubbly, sparkling Puff of a friend Bubbles, my travel companion, my klutzy, very-conscious-to-ride-the-broomstick witch of a friend, I salute you! Your honesty, frankness, and overall charm are some of your best traits and I’m proud to call you my friend.

dinner at Ziggy’s, St. Andrews.

Happy Birthday! Cheers!!!