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Hail to the Chief!

I know very little of this man, Abraham. He was the “Fourscore” guy; the boy with the axe and the tree anecdote; the one who wouldn’t lie; the President who ended slavery in America. . . .and so forth (mind that the ‘so forth’ signifies my lack of in-depth knowledge of this man).

I haven’t even read the fictional book this movie was adapted from.

But dear heavens, how I enjoyed watching this movie. Oh what fun! I wasn’t expecting to like it. I had no expectations at all save to see onscreen some American president destroying vampires left and right.

Left, right, up, down. . . the hacking was absolutely entertaining!

Let it be known that I am not a fan of scary, gory, vampire movies. Not because of the fear element, quite the contrary. I never liked watching such movies because I always feel distant every time I watch them. I don’t feel scared, not even bothered. Let’s just say my suspension of disbelief when it comes to scary movies is so low you can use it for limbo rock.

Now this Abe Lincoln movie is so superbly entertaining I don’t mind that it’s a vampire movie. A slasher movie. No, scratch that. A one heck of a hacker movie this one is. I still didn’t get scared, but the entertainment value is way up the roof it broke the ceiling.

This is a movie with a most interesting mashup of a plot: American president by day trying to end slavery and civil war, and a vampire hunter (oh hello, Buffy’s daddy!) by night trying to put an end to vampires taking over all of America.

Oh I can’t tell you how it works. You just have to see it to believe it. It’s fantasy and history wonderfully married in this case.

The entire cast is fabulous. Benjamin Walker as the President/Vampire Hunter gives us an honest, pained, very human Abe. He is not some caricature of an old guy with the top hat, far from it. He makes the whole thing look so damn cool! And that axe *drools* Rufus Sewell, as always, delivers the goods (when did he ever not deliver?) as Adam the chief vampire. And Dominic Cooper shows how his devilishly handsome face is in stride with his equally delicious performance as Henry Sturgess.

Everything—–editing, music, production, CGI, the stunts, was absolutely fantastic. I was glued to my seat the entire time I didn’t notice time passing. Not once did I glance at my watch to check the time. I totally fell right in the middle of it all, and quite happily I must add.

I want to do it all over again.

Now leave me be as a I sharpen my axe.