Hello, friends! It’s been ages since I last wrote and I’m feeling particularly guilty today. I know I promised Frankie at least two posts and I’ve promised everyone that I’ll be uploading my photos from The Great UK Adventure. I know, it’s been nearly three months since that fantastic journey. But bear with me because I am a master crammer. Indeed, I am, but not all the time and definitely not in all aspects of my life – virtual or otherwise.

For instance, I’m not a crammer when it comes to organising and buying Christmas presents. As early as April, I printed out my Christmas gift list and started purchasing presents for family and friends back in the Philippines. Last weekend, I even wrapped a few of them! Uh-huh. My target this year is to get all Christmas shopping done by the end of October. Yay, me!

I also don’t like to cram when there are other people relying on me to deliver goods, services, or even just simple advice. I consider myself to be an excellent team player because I don’t like to leave things to the last minute. I would never want to stress out the people who’ll continue on the work from where I left off. In the same respect, I also hate it when people don’t follow through on their commitments and leave me hanging. It’s fine if you’re the only one affected by your cramtastic behaviour, sure. But I look down with disdain on people who are so self-absorbed that they can’t even pull their heads in and just get on with it, especially when they’ve been given ample time to accomplish the task. Seriously, there is no excuse.

I am a difficult task master, yes, but only when I know that my actions will affect those around me. Now, it’s a different story when it comes to my studies. As most of you know, I’m taking a Certificate IV in OHS from TAFE Oten. Since this is a self-paced learning course, obviously, I’ve taken my sweet time to finish the assignments. All things considered, I’m still about a year ahead in finishing the course. I’ve got exams coming up on September 14 and lo-and-behold, I haven’t studied at all! My will power is telling me to pick up my study materials at the last possible minute and it’s doing a pretty damn good job of keeping me off track. I must confess that I had the entire of last week to study but I didn’t. What did I do? I played computer games and picked up my DS XL and didn’t stop playing until my eyes were dead tired.

But today is different.

I’m going offline – after I post this – and I’m going to STUDY. It won’t be exhaustive and it’s not going to be a one-day-absorb-everything kind of cram session, but at least it will be a start. So wish me luck!

And if you’re a crammer like me, think about your actions and how it can affect those around you. Prioritize your cram behaviour. It can be done. šŸ˜‰

– Giselle