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Since tomorrow is what I consider to be my personal D-Day (work-wise, at least), post-MacG’s repairs (it took Apple over a month to repair the whole thing), I decided to do some major tidying this morning. Out with the junk I’ve accumulated for the past 7 months or so. And I have accumulated a lot of junk, believe me.

Typical of major cleanups, I was once again reunited with some stuff I am quite certain I will have difficulty parting ways with. I am no hoarder, oh no, but there are just some things that I cannot bring myself to throw away, no matter how trifling they may seem to another person.

Clockwise from Top left: My Sherlock Holmes’ deerstalker hat , conference program, maps and souvenir guides from Scotland, the Sherlock Museum, Alnwick castle, the WB Studio tour, Qatar Air tickets, national rail tickets, spreadsheets, National Gallery guide, map of St. Andrews, receipt from a shop at St. Andrews, map of Edinburgh.

Just look at the stuff I’ve kept from that Great U.K. Adventure a few months ago. Maps (you know how crazy I am when it comes to maps), train tickets, plane tickets, souvenir guides, even receipts from Information Centres where I bought loads of Scottish fudges and refrigerator magnets. . . . I’ve kept them all.  If you look at the bottom part of the photo, you will see several pages worth of spreadsheets. Those were our three-week itinerary for both England and Scotland, our budget sheets on a daily basis, and my personal list of stuff to bring (down to the last pair of socks, yes). The photo doesn’t even show all the documents I had to bring with me: conference letters and schedule, visa requirements, bank transactions, official University memos and travel grant letters, and of course, several copies of my conference paper (I’m rigorous that way. I guess all academics are trained to be such).

I’ve decided to put everything inside a large Manila envelope for safekeeping. Who knows when I’ll need to go over some receipt or document once again, right?  I have no plans of holding on to all these stuff forever, no.

It’s done.

Give me a few years, maybe. I mean, I still haven’t even thrown away all my junk from my first London escapade of ’07, believe me. Everything’s still well-hidden in my cabinet, ready for any trip down amnesia lane.

I guess this is me trying to bring back order into my life. The past 10 months had been crazy, what with all the writing and the research, the preparations and the fantasizing, the hassles of getting ready, the excitement and the jubilation that came naturally with all of it. . .and then the letting go once it was all over.

Until we meet again, my magical I.D.

I’ve been on an extended lag post-Adventure. Life hadn’t been normal. Well, tomorrow’s its comeback, whatever ‘normal’ really means. I just hope this is the last time I will be pining for a return to normalcy. Once everything is over, I am definitely leaving normal and will never look back. I can’t wait ’til everything is over and done with so I can come back to my magical life, the only life I am looking forward to living.  Melodramatic much? Maybe. It’s the normal rearing its ugly head, I tell you. I’m not good at being normal.