Because it’s been over a month since she left to look for Big Foot, and I’m certain the adjustment she has to go through must be brutal for someone who’s set in her ways, not to mention someone who has deep roots back here in the Philippines, here’s a wee entry, mostly photos, from the surprise despedida lunch with Abbey two weeks before she left.

I told her it was going to be lunch for the two of us. Little did she know. . .

I’m good with surprises. And yes, I love surprising people. And I love making plans, especially clandestine ones. Most especially plans that involve my friends.


I even conspired with the restaurant’s (Via Mare Oyster Bar at Greenbelt) maître d and a few of his underlings to make the plan even more believable. I reserved a table upstairs (quite an elegant place to have lunch, really) “for two”, which was my code for “four people.” So when I got there (I was first to arrive, naturally) and told them I was that person who reserved for four but it was meant as a surprise, the maître d said, no, insisted, “ah, you reserved for two!” and added a knowing smile my way.

From left to right: Edwin, me, Abbey, and Inez. Happy foodies.

Abbey and I had lunch around 1130, and Edwin and Inez arrived at 12nn. We had oysters, crispy adobo flakes, ensaladang bagnet, rellenong bangus, and kare-kare. We also had something like a screening of “The Best of Abbey”, a video compiled by Cherie from Abbey’s closest and dearest from PHP. Abbey had to leave by 230 pm, but Inez, Edwin and I stayed for merienda. I just had to have their bibingka with laguna cheese and salted duck egg. And coffee, of course. We left a little after 430 pm. Yes, that was some extended lunch. That always happens when you meet your dear friends after many months, if not years, of not seeing each other, right?

Yummy antipasti.

So now, plans are a brewin’ for another friend’s comeback come December (hello, Buttercup!). Too bad Bubbles won’t be around by then 😦 Unless of course she finds a way to apparate back here in Pinas for some good old inebriated fun, hahaha!

And oh, Bubbles, it’s your turn to blog, hahahaha! 😀 We miss you!