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Inspired by this post over at the Hogwarts Professor’s site.

When you buy tons of Harry Potter-related merchandise (both official and unofficial) and don’t feel guilty about it. Why not? Because you are a hard-working member of the labor force and you deserve the reward, geddemit.

When you have all 7 books in the traditional format because you love the smell of paper, Kindle be damned.

When you own the Harry Potter books in languages you don’t even understand (ehem).

When you have digital downloads of all 7 books as a back up, on top of your 7 hard bound copies.

When you have attended at least one Harry Potter event dressed up as your favorite HP character, tropical temperature notwithstanding.

When you’ve taken public transport (LRT/MRT, jeepney, bus, London subway) dressed as your favorite HP character to go to that Harry Potter event (I have. Many times).

Ze are saying my costume eez magnifique! (Photo from ’07 at the University of Westminster, London for the Sectus conference)

You dress up as Fleur Delacour in an HP event and when Muggles ask you which school you go to you immediately reply with, “Beauxbatons Academy, monsieur!” Bonus point: when foreigners ask “do they speak French in the Philipines?” upon seeing you in your Fleur uniform.

You feel like Madeline the French schoolgirl everytime you wear that Fleur get up. Bonus point: you can recite “we love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other” maxim of that French school girl with matching French accent. While wearing Fleur’s uniform.

You don’t mind the whole gender-bending cosplay as long as you can dress up as the Potions Master.

Well, well, well. . . (photo at the WB Studio tour, courtesy of Giselle)

You’ve done the whole Harry Potter pilgrimage, or at least planning to do it in the very near future.

You know how to fold your arms like the Potions Master. Complete with sneer.

You. Speak. Like. Alan. Rickman.

You don’t mind being called a witch by strangers (them carrying pitchforks is a different story, though).

You’ve actually played Quidditch in real life (I was a Keeper, yes).

You wish the local liquor shop would sell Firewhiskey.

You’ve published at least one essay about Harry Potter.

You host a Muggle event and you can’t help but insert one or two Harry Potter-related words/situations in your spiel.

You know who the Hogwarts Professor is.

You’ve shaken hands with the Hogwarts Professor.

You know what happened to Steve Vander Ark, probably have even met him in person, and you now shake your head with everything that has happened post-lawsuit (tsk, tsk, tsk).

You understand Harry Potter vis-à-vis Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth.

You get the whole Time-Travel concept in Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. I mean really, REALLY get it (hello, tenseless view of time!).

You know that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has many loopholes but you can only accept this critique from a fellow HP fan and will fiercely argue with a non-fan if it comes to that.

You secretly laugh when “fans” call Harry’s ex girlfriend as “Cho Chan” (duh).

You snicker when “fans” have only seen all 8 film adaptations but have never read any of the books (boo! *snicker, snicker*).

You know given the HP timeline that the Other Minister was most likely John Major, but you actually imagined Tony Blair for the post.

You actually know who John Major and Tony Blair are.

You understand why Harry Potter shouldn’t fall under the Children’s literature category given what has happened in the later books, but you cringe at the idea of putting it under YA literature, given the current YA template.

You know wizards rule and werewolves drool anytime. All the time.

Pinoy Harry Potter/Hogwarts Philippines

You are a member of a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is devoted to spreading the love for Harry Potter (and promoting passion for reading in general).


I’m sure there’s more but as it is a Sunday, my brain’s not working in full capacity. Add your ideas into the cauldron, my dear reader.