My title sounds so dramatic when this post really isn’t all that serious. What I really wanted to say was that it’s so nice to have co-authors. It’s nice to be able to share the “burden” of updating this blog. 🙂

As you may have noticed, activity around here has slowed down to a somewhat lazy pace as the Charmed Ones are just a little bit busy with other things. Frankie’s gone back to teaching and Abbey’s at her new-ish job. As for me, I’m back to logging core as opposed to just logging chips which is so much easier, I tell you. But anyway, I thought I’d just check in and let everyone know that we haven’t forgotten about our little corner of the (Internet) universe. Let’s just say we’re doing amazing things in the real world so we can have something to write about later on. Right, ladies? Right? Hello? Anyone there?

So yeah, just saying hello and letting you all know that we’re still here, making plans and schemes and living and loving and still probably dreaming about going back to the UK. 🙂

Castlemount at St. Andrews: Best B&B ever!