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There’s an epilogue to my entry earlier today. I’m still not finished with uploading but I have started editing some photos. Considering I was on holidays last April for 6 weeks and I’ve only uploaded 12 photos today from that epic adventure, you can only calculate how long it will take me to upload the rest!

Three empty airport lounge seats waiting to be filled by me, Frankie, and Abbey. (Photo taken at Bangkok airport, my stopover en route to London last April 15, 2012.)

But not all of my efforts today have been a waste. I’ve downloaded Aperture and have started my editing process. I’ve also included my Flickr Photostream here (see lower left sidebar). My work process has been an expensive one. For starters, I had to purchase Aperture. Then I realised that my Aurora’s memory was struggling and so I ordered a memory upgrade from Apple. And lastly, there was the dilemma of where to upload the photos. There’s Facebook, sure, but I can’t send that link to friends who don’t have Facebook. There’s also G+ but WordPress didn’t have a widget for it. Instead, there was Flickr. I had forgotten about my Flickr Pro account and so had to renew that too. I don’t even want to think about how much money I had to part with today. I suppose, all for the love of photography, eh?

Anyway, watch that Flickr space for more photos from The Great UK Adventure. Well, at least the ones from my camera. 😉