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My fair share of excesses in life? They’ve all got to go. That’s it. I’ve given them their marching orders and I’m kicking them out the door!

Too dramatic? Yeah, I know. Let’s start over.

Buh-bye, card! You served me well but you were bringing me down.

Hi, my name is Giselle and I take a lot of things to the extreme. I spend too much. I eat too much. I procrastinate too much. I plan excessively and obsessively – these last two aren’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Well, I’m taking control and shedding unnecessary things – and possibly even a few individuals – in my life. I’ve been religiously going to the gym and having one-on-one boxing and cardio training at the house. I’m back to a weight that I haven’t been remotely close to in nearly six years! I feel better and lighter and I have more strength and energy. It’s fantastic! Then today, I paid off and closed a credit card. I feel even lighter than ever! I’m shedding the pounds and getting rid of debt. Woohoo! And you know that list I made the other day? Five down, two more to go!

Next to go are all those clothes that I don’t even use! They’re all going to charity. I regularly prune my wardrobe anyway but I’ve been a bit slack lately.

There is one thing I will never cut back on, though. Books. There’s no such thing as too many books! I’d gladly give away half my clothes if I could have more space for new books. But this time around, I’m never using a credit card to satisfy my book obsession.