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Two injuries in two months. This trend is not a good one. Last month, I kinda rolled my ankle at work when I failed to see a dip in the grass. I was about to lift a 20-L water container onto the back of my ute when it happened. Initially, I didn’t feel anything and so continued to work the rest of the day. By mid-morning of the following day, I could feel an annoying dull pressure on my ankle. It wasn’t painful, just irritating, like someone pressing their palm against the side of my leg. Long story short, I had to report it as an incident at work and I was sent to see the mine’s physiotherapist. Nothing serious, just a distressed ligament. I have to thank my flexible limbs for that because the ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues tensed up and held my ankle in place so I wouldn’t sprain it.

Strapped up for three days.

My injury isn’t as bad as what that picture looks like. But apparently, all the more reason to be extra careful not to aggravate it or further injure myself. The physio said that in most cases where there isn’t any swelling or actual sprain, people do further damage by going about their daily business when in fact, the injured part of the body is still weak and vulnerable.

Yesterday, I did it again – injured myself, that is. There is a back story to this injury and just for context, allow me to share it briefly. I was having a really bad day yesterday. I was pissed off at the world. Okay, mostly I was pissed off at a few people I work with. Why they pissed me off is not important. What is relevant to my story is this: I vented my anger at my crappy day towards my boxing session. The silly thing is, I didn’t injure myself boxing. I injured myself doing burpees. Yes, burpees, you are the scum of the exercising world. I hate you. I landed wrong with the full weight of my body on my left wrist and yanked my tendon to over-extension that it swelled up. I thought I had dislocated a bone but turns out, it was just an overly swollen tendon.

The bump wasn’t so prominent when I took a photo this afternoon. I should’ve done that first thing this morning and you’d see the obvious protrusion.

I saw the physio again this afternoon and initially, he thought it might have been a ganglion. Although, as he pointed out, that seemed an odd place to have it. When he pressed on the protrusion and found it was not soft and spongy, he immediately knew it was a swollen tendon. (As an aside, when he pressed on it, my left knee jerked. I found that hilarious! But it was slightly painful when he pressed on the protrusion.)

When I told him how I got the injury, he said that my flexibility, yet again, saved me from having a more serious injury! I showed him how bendy my elbows and wrists were and even told him that even after I sustained the injury last night, I was able to do three sets (12 reps) of tricep curls. What I (and my trainer) didn’t know was that those curls aggravated the situation. See how my hand is over-extended in the photo? I’m to refrain from doing that for an entire week. I need to put an ice pack on my wrist and to apply an anti-inflammatory gel.

My new best friend.

I want to briefly touch on a different kind of flexibility too. So as I was driving from work yesterday, really irritable and wanting to break something, anything, I thought about how I really ought to be more flexible in my attitude towards annoying people and situations. I honestly believe that there’s no excuse for the behaviour I exhibited but I just have to concede that yesterday, I reached breaking point. I sent my geologic hammer, pencils, clipboards, core blocks, and core boxes flying. Wait, there’s a Filipino term for it. I did my work pabalangbang. Can anyone give me an accurate translation in English?

Today I was still a little irked but not as much as yesterday. I went through all the scenarios that irritated me the entire day and I knew that I couldn’t have changed the situation and I should really have focused on changing my attitude towards it. After all, that’s what a good Christian would do, right? Can I get an amen? Amen!

I have said this countless times: I have nothing to complain about and so much to be thankful for. When I think about people who go through genuine struggles and suffering in life, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that I could ever complain about is infinitely insignificant.

Just to prove a point, let me direct you to this story that I learned of from a friend who posted it on Facebook.

Pakistani Rights Activist, 14, Shot by Taliban

And every time I think about Nick Vujicic, I am shamed to even want to start to complain. What an inspiration this man is!

So there. I commit to start being flexible inside and out.