Disregarding my previous post, my open letter to my literature elective students, I haven’t been really around this spot of the Fates’ universe.  Oh, there are just so many reasons for my absence. There’s the workload which has been overwhelming, what with the kind of students I’ve been blessed to have this year (I tell you, if this is what one gets after a year of sabbatical, remind me not to avail of any future sabbatical leaves); there’s my health, which has been dwindling of late (migraine is back with a vengeance, so is my backache [I do have scoliosis], and I must not forget this flu which has been coming and going [and coming] for the past 3 weeks or so); and of course, I still have some personal issues I need to contend with (which I’d really rather not share to the public).

I am just one exhausted witch. I am tired to the bone. I don’t remember being this tired before, not even when I was serving as Vice Chair of my department (and I did serve for 7 record-holding years, yes). I don’t know. I guess my body is finally giving in to (ack! Don’t say it!!!) old age (yaaak! I said the awful words!). Or maybe it’s psychological? I mean, I had the energy at the start of the term, yes. I was very excited to be back, yes. But once I was finally back, ehrm, I realized I still wanted out, hahaha.

Multiplication of the little monsters.

At this point I guess I must apologize to my online friends, they who have seen me on ether for the past 3 months or so. I am sorry to my plurk friends, they who have read (and maybe marked all as read, hahahaha) my health issues for the past few months. They who have seen how the highlight of my week is either a) getting a migraine, or b) doing my laundry and other household chores in one day. Deplorable, really 😀  And to my Twitter friends, yes, I apologize as well for I have been the most awful whinging pom regarding my work. I can blame my current roster of students, but that wouldn’t be new. You’ve read all my tweets about ’em anyway, so let’s move on from that.  To my Facebook friends, I am sorry if I haven’t been as active as some of you. I even neglect to press “Like” for some of the things I see (and actually like!) on your walls.

And to you, my dear reader, please bear with me as I go about this uninspiring, ghastly last quarter of the term. I haven’t shared anything particularly pleasant of late, but I will try to capture something either from memory, or create something new in the days to come.  Hey, it’s the last 2 weeks of the term so there’s lots to look forward to.

I just miss my old self, I guess. Missing the F in Frankie. No fabulous, no fancy, no fluff.

There’s one thing left to F, though. . .