We wish. . .

We wish. . .

If wordpress hadn’t sent me a notification about it, I wouldn’t have remembered that we just celebrated our 1st year of blogging here at wordpress universe. Hurrah!

As of this writing, we’ve had over 12 thousand views of our 104 blog entries (this is my 46th), with 491 comments, 311 tags, thousands of combined words and mileage, hundreds of photos and memories, courtesy of 3 Powerpuff witches.

Congratulations to us, Abbey and Gissy! Here’s to more musings, film, food, and spa reviews, travel stories, Harry Potter recollections, Hogwarts Philippines activities, magical anecdotes, and other stuff to include into our pensieve.

And to our dear readers, thank you for sticking with us for the past year. For reading our stories, for enduring our ramblings, for bearing with our combined insanity, we couldn’t be more grateful.