*croo croo*

It’s been awfully quiet this side of the universe, no?

And it’s not because the three witches have totally forgotten about you, our dear readers, far from it.  I guess we’re just too busy living our lives so we can have good blog entries later on for all of you 🙂 *nice save, eh?*

In a nutshell, I’ve been recharging my batteries (much-needed) post-2nd term in Muggle school, you know, taking it easy. I deserve it, oh yes. I also got to meet Abbey (that’s Bubbles for you) a few weeks ago when she went back here in the Philippines for a very short (1 week) respite from all the madness and cold back in Canada. And yes, I will be meeting Gissy (that’s Buttercup) next week so that’s pretty much settled. Expect lots of fun things going our way soon.  It’s just weirdly wretched we three never got to hang out as three witches post-UK. It’s either Abbey and Frankie, or Gissy and Frankie. Di bale. Soon we’ll have the power of three right back on track.

I also got to have breakfast-lunch-merienda with some friends (Abby, FC, Edsel, and Rona) last Saturday. Something like a pre-Christmas gathering of sorts where we update each other, throw lots of hypotheticals, bandy the Fidelius Charm recklessly about, and eat good food, of course (you know I wouldn’t survive two and a half hours without good food). It was a fabulous way to spend hours (make that 7!) amidst the madness leading up to Christmas.


Oh, Happy Christmas to you by the way. How was it?  It was the usual for me—-lots of food, family all about, gifts and more gifts shared, and a volley of tureens and casseroles to wash. That’s me, the perpetual dishwasher.  I’m not complaining, no. Somebody has to do it; might as well be the one who has a love-hate relationship with water, heh.

Anyway, I will keep this short. I still haven’t fully recharged my batts so, I guess this is me signing off for the night.

‘Til next update!