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I’m coming out of the woods for a while to greet our favorite scientist/geek/goddess/witch a fabulous birthday!


Saving the world before bedtime!

She is known to most of us as Buttercup, yes, for she shares with that little green puff so many traits, to wit, her tenacity, her devil-may-care-bad-ass attitude, her courage, her spunk, and her integrity. She may not enjoy brushing her hair all the time (mwehehehe), but what the heck, who minds? She’s got brains underneath all that mane and, combed or not, you will bow down and respect her.  She commands it. She deserves it.

She is our Queen Galadriel as well.  See how she maintains fairness in all her endeavors. Witness how she manages, nay, inspires other people to do their best.  She is our Lady of the Woods. Very fair, very wise.

Her passion for life is unrivaled. She has plans, oh yes, but she is not one to stick with the list rigidly. She has learned so much from life, and look at her now. She shines with so much verve (must be the high SPF she uses everyday, hahaha!) you’ve got to wear shades just to look at her.


She’s game anytime, all the time!

She is one of the few people I’m comfortable sharing anything with, yes, even those dark creepy secrets I have hidden in the deepest recesses of my brain. With her I have nothing to hide, and I am glad for it. She knows me well, and despite that knowledge, quite surprisingly, she still sticks with me. She is a kindred spirit. She is one of those people whom (and this I’m quite certain of) I’d be fast friends with if I had met her earlier in my life, say, in high school or grade school.  We just click.

I’m proud to call her my friend, easily one of my best, and I’m looking forward to more travels, more adventures, more crazy, caffeinated and “carbohydrated” escapades in the years to come.


Señora Amanda: “Facundo! I need more fire! Call the servant of the Secret Fire, the wielder of the flame of Anor. Who, you ask? Call Gandalf, you fool!”

Happy birthday, Buttercup! Cheers!