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Just as you need the right conditions for a flower to bloom, there is a certain dynamic that exists among friends – a connection without which friendship cannot flourish. We may differ from each other in tastes and temperament, but together we just click. It’s not often that you can find friends who you can be truly open with all the time. We are grateful that we have found such a friend in Frankie.

Considering that she is a very private person, Abbey and I feel very privileged to have been let into her inner sanctum. We share in her happiness and console her in times of sadness. Ours is a friendship that truly stands the test of time.

On your birthday, dear Blossom, allow us to honor you with this quick blog so that the rest of the world will know how much we love you and value your friendship. Our lives have been made much richer with you in it.

Happy birthday, Blossom!

Bubbles and Buttercup

Farewell for Abbey. Frankie at Via Mare.

Tea for the lady. Frankie at The TWG.

Tea for the lady. Frankie at The TWG.

HP7.2 009

Fleur, Snape, Rita: An unlikely friendship that works.