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Last month, I turned 36. Yeah, I’m past the halfway mark but I’m not ashamed of it. You know why? Because I don’t feel a day over 22. Hopefully, I don’t look my age either.

I like my birthday and I make it a point to ensure it’s special every time no matter where I am or what I’m doing. In the last decade or so, I’ve gotten used to spending my birthday on fieldwork, away from family and loved ones but I don’t really mind. There is no one year that stands out because I’ve loved all of them and this year is a different kind of special.

On my birthday, I decided to buy myself a new car. On my way to the Toyota Dealership where my friend (and mechanic works), I got pulled over by the cops! First time ever! And here’s the gist of what happened:

Me checking songs on my iPod at the traffic lights. I see cop looking at me, smile, and drive off. At the next set of lights, they motion for me to pull over.

Cop 1: May I see your license?
Me: Sure. What an exciting birthday.
Cop 1: Oh, were you checking your birthday messages?
Me: Nope. This is my iPod. See?
Cop 1: Oh. In that case…it looks a lot like a phone
Cop 2: You’re lucky that’s not a phone. You could still get a ticket for that.

Cop 2 gives me a lecture on distractions while driving on the road. I nod and smile.

Cop 1 and 2: Happy birthday!
Me: Thanks!

We all drive off.

Checking out this 2008 Toyota Aurion

The Prodigy. I think I shall name her Aurora. Photo taken a few days before my birthday.

Pretty exciting so far, huh? It gets better. I check out the car that would soon be mine. It’s a second-hand 2008 Toyota Aurion. That Friday (Feb. 9), I drove her home.

GW17CH. I got my personalised plates this week!

GW17CH. I got my personalised plates this week!

After I make the downpayment on the car, it was off to the city to meet up with Erin in the evening. I thought I’d have a few hours to myself just having coffee and maybe doing some window-shopping. I parked my car at Artarmon, close to where my friends Gerald and OJ live. As I was walking to the Artarmon train station, I see Gerald. Long story short, we have lunch in the city. As we were having lunch, I get a call from Belle asking if I was in the city and if I wanted to meet for coffee. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together on the fly? So lunch at Chat Thai with Gerald and then coffee at Yuma with Gerald, Belle, and Marissa! How fun! 🙂

I’m not a fan of selfies but I had to take a photo of myself in this dress. It’s been a couple of years since it fit properly and now it’s even a bit loose. 😉

For posterity.

For posterity.

You know how I said in a previous entry that I wanted to go skydiving for my birthday? I changed my mind. Skydiving is for big milestones so I’m reserving that for my 40th. But I still did something pretty exciting. I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb with my friend, Erin. Here are a few snaps!

Want to know a secret? Underneath those blue and grey overalls, I was only wearing my undies and a t-shirt! Yeah, that’s what they ask you to do. You don’t really need pants when you’re wearing their “fashionable” overalls.

Ah what a day! But I didn’t end my celebrations there. Here are a few more snaps from other get-togethers.

Wonderful card and from my ex-URS friends. :)

Wonderfully hilarious card and from my ex-URS friends. 🙂

My friends are awesome. :)

Brunch at Cafe Shenkin in Newtown with ex-URS colleagues.

Joint birthday celebrations at Shellharbour with more friends.

Joint birthday celebrations at Shellharbour with more friends.

This year’s birthday came with a lot of major changes. First was my attitude towards being healthy. I’m really committed to losing weight and keeping it off. I’m changing the way I look and praying for the Holy Spirit to help me change on the inside as well.

I’ve changed cars and I’ll be changing addresses too. After living with Annabelle, Norman, and the two kids for nearly three years, I’m moving out and moving to Artarmon. I’m sharing a flat with my friend, Gerald. I’m still working in the Hunter Valley area but maybe there will be a change in the work front in the near future as well. Who knows?

My friend, Beatrice, said I don’t make changes very often but when I do, it’s always big and it’s never just one aspect. Yeah, that’s true. That’s really how I am. I don’t really like change and yet I come up with very interesting ways to shake it up a bit and usually, it’s around the time of my birthday. Watch out for next year’s big news!