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It’ll be almost a year since our epic UK adventure and I have yet to blog or post photos about the places I’ve been even before I met up with Abbey and Frankie. This is the perfect Saturday afternoon to do this…otherwise, I might never get to do it!

Like I’ve said before, I brought a journal with me so I could take down notes every night on my 6-week holiday. Boy, has it been a huge help! Looking at my notes makes me smile as it brings back memories of sun, sea, friendships and boundless adventures!

Picking up from where I left off, here’s more on my trip to Cornwall. I apologise if this is going to sound like entries in a diary.

Our home for a week.

Our home for a week.

April 17: St. Michael’s Mount

From Antoine’s Terrance, you can see St. Michael’s Mount in the distance. To get here, you can either travel by boat or if the tide is low, you can walk across the causeway. Today was rough seas and we had several bursts of rain throughout the day.

My friends say you haven’t experienced Cornwall until you’ve had Cornish pasties (and also clotted cream, but not at the same time) and I got to taste my very first pasty here at St. Michael’s Mount. I also downed an espresso to keep me awake. See, I was still fighting jetlag and clearly losing the battle. When we got home at around 5PM, I still fell asleep!

In the evening, Christine cooked dinner and she even made maruya (banana fritters)! Tonight we played Monopoly and I have proven to myself and I truly suck at Monopoly.

April 18: Land’s End and Minack Theatre

We had a late start to the day which was good since I slept at 3AM. I still haven’t gotten over my jetlag. This is only my second day here after all. On today’s agenda was Minack Theatre. AMAZING! Rowena Cade is a goddess. You’d have to have been there to understand fully what I mean. Imagine building an open-air theatre on the side of a granite cliff! As we were exploring the place and checking out the museum, I thought of Frankie. I would love to take her here! One day, I tell you, one day I’ll come back with Frankie and Abbey in tow. 🙂

I wore a dress today which was not a very smart thing to do considering how cold and windy it was outside! But my nearly frozen hands were not going to prevent me from taking photos.

After Minack Theatre, we headed to Land’s End. This is the southern-most tip of the UK. The winds were stronger and colder here but I pulled through. Note to self, it’s okay to wear a dress but don’t forget to wear tights!

Next time, I’ll finish off my Cornwall entry with some photos from St. Ives, Kynance Cove, Lizard Point, and Penzance, and Castle Drogo.