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…only small salaries.

I said this to my workmate, Beck, on our first night on the 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM roster at the lab. And I really believe this. See, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing – it could be logging core or writing proposals or grinding coal samples, I do a task to the best of my abilities. That has always been my work ethic and I’ve never felt any job was beneath me. Also, it’s a pride thing. If my name is going to appear on any task, it has to be very good. Yeah, I’m competitive.

I took a break from all the can reads to take a selfie. This photo from someone who doesn't like selfies. LOL.

I took a break from all the can reads to take a selfie. This photo from someone who doesn’t like selfies. LOL.

Some people, usually those with university degrees, think that if a task is menial, it is an insult to their intelligence to do it. People like that are not team players. The way I see it is if you can’t be trusted to accomplish the little stuff, you have no right to be given responsibility for the big ones. I didn’t say responsibility for the important stuff, I said big stuff because ALL jobs are important.

I survived one week in the lab!

I survived one week in the lab!

So this week, I got a chance to work in our laboratory. This is where all the gas canisters are read and where all the coal proximate analyses are prepared and completed. I’ll be with the company for three years in May and this has been the first time ever that I’ve been called into the lab! That is an achievement because usually, people who have “nothing to do” [translated as: no drilling, and therefore on standby], are called in to the lab to help out the lab team. I must admit that I’ve kind of feared being called in. Stories of how people are bored at what they do in the lab day-in and day-out and how you don’t get paid as much when you work in the lab as opposed to being in the field really put me off. But after having spent a week there, all those fears are gone. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I probably wouldn’t mind another week there if only the pay was the same rate as if I were in the field.

I learned new things that can be ticked off my competencies checklist and I got to interact with workmates that I don’t normally get to talk to because I’m never in the office. I got down and dirty and was covered in coal most days but it was fun because it was something different. Never mind that I had to drive two hours to get to work even if it meant that at the end of my shift, I’d have to do the same two-hour trip to get me home to Sydney by midnight.

Next week, I’m back to my work site and it’s all well and good but at least, the next time I’m on standby, I won’t hesitate to put my hand up to work in the lab.

Welcome to my office!

Welcome to my office!

Happy weekend, everyone! 🙂