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That’s the Great UK Adventure to you. To celebrate it, how about a little reminiscing?


We’re okay to go! We’re okay to go!

The day Abbey and I left for London was actually May 7, and I call it Day 0, for the simple reason that all that happened that day was the flight to London via Qatar Airways. Day 1 was really May 8, our arrival in London, but nothing much also happened that day since, aside from getting lost looking for Carlton Hotel and eating lunch at Burger King upon landing, all we really did was wait for Giselle to arrive at King’s Cross station. Day 2 was May 9, 2012, and that’s exactly a year from now (well, minus a few hours since we are 7 hours ahead and we really didn’t start our day until around 8 am roundabout).

Anyway, as I was looking through my files, I saw a document which I apparently wrote at Doha International Airport during our layover before heading for London. I never got to publish it as a blog entry for some reason, and the thing is abruptly incomplete, but heck, I think it’s as good as any to serve today’s needs to remember the day that was.


Waiting at Doha International Airport, freshly powdered and all.

12 mn, Doha time: Abbey and I are currently at Doha International Airport for our 3 hour layover before our 8 hour flight for Heathrow. Nice, DIA, very nice. Free wi-fi too! Very clean and passenger-friendly airport, I must say.

The 9 hour journey from Manila to Doha was uneventful (not that I expected anything unusual to happen, no). The meals were good (I had chicken adobo for dinner. Abbey had cream dory. Then for the hot meals I had braised beef, ube cake, the usual bread and butter combo, fruits and complimentary drinks), and the starter snacks were unnecessary, at least for me (they gave us almonds after take-off).

*brief intermission–somebody from the airport asked Abbey and I to write our feedback about our flight experience with Qatar Airways. There’s a raffle of some sort for two free round trip long-haul tickets. Well that’s very nice too! I told her I’m actually blogging about the experience right now, hahaha. I just need to send my feedback to http://www.AirSatisfaction.com and then we’ll see if the Fates are with me on this draw.

The cabin crew of flight QR 647 was very attentive to our needs as well. I never had to ask for anything extra since the drinks and the meals were right when I wanted them.

How about the in-flight entertainment? Well we had a good choice of films, so hurrah! Abbey and I watched the Woman in Black since we’ve never seen it before (we weren’t scared at all), and Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol. Abbey hasn’t seen it and I suggested we watch it together. Loved it the first time, loved it this 2nd time (we both practically jumped out of our seats during Ethan Hunt’s building climbing scare). I also had the chance to catch up on season 2 of Blue Bloods. As for music, they’ve got everything. From AC-DC to Yo-Yo Ma. From Adele to Mozart. I also listened to some classical music to help me catch some zzzzzs. Not very successful, though, since I actually enjoyed listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Beethoven’s 9th, Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in K 331, some songs from our current pop artists I threw in the mix, plus a few Queen classics (Somebody to Love, anybody?), The Clash’s London Calling (just because), and finished it off with the Beatles’ Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da. Now my LSS is all about Desmond and Molly and their kids. Fabulous!

Thanks to the free wi-fi, waiting for the continuation of our journey isn’t that bad at all, no sir. The seats are comfy (not those awful, hard, metallic seats, thank heavens), the temperature is quite cool, and the WCs are, well, comfortable (as they should be).

And that was that. Told you it ends quite abruptly. I think the 3 hour layover was not enough for me to blog, and go around the place looking for the ladies’, and eat my snacks, and chat with Abbey, and people-watch, of course.

And then, after the 8 hour flight to London, we’ve arrived!


Doha to London is 3236.85 miles in all.

Upon landing, Abbey and I got lost looking for our B&B (hilariously, now that I have the benefit of hindsight for Carlton Hotel  was just literally, a stone’s throw away from King’s Cross station where we got off straight from Heathrow airport). But all’s well that ends well.


Bright smiles to complement the sunny (and super cool!) weather in front of Carlton Hotel. Photo courtesy of Abbey.

And after a few hours of waiting, Giselle finally is with us!


The Charmed Ones are back together. Photo courtesy of Giselle.

First full day in London, that’s May 9, 2012 was jam-packed. And when I say jam-packed, I mean absolutely exhausting. We had an early breakfast at our B&B, and it was your typical English buffet breakfast: free-flowing everything! Toast, jam, coffee, ham, tomatoes, eggs, sausages, and beans.


Post-breakfast smiles. We had no idea as to how the day would turn out.

And then, the day really started.


In the middle of the Great Court inside the British Museum.

And we saw the Fates! Well no, not really.


Hestia, Dione and Aphrodite take the backseat in favor of three Pinay goddesses.

After many hours of walking and more walking inside the cavernous museum, we had a late lunch, of course.


Looking for a place to eat. Photo courtesy of Abbey.


Pinays eating Italian in England. Photo from the files of Abbey.


Frist day fish and chips. Photo courtesy of Abbey.

And then we’re off again!


Wind-blown and soaking wet at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Photo by Giselle.

Crossing the Millenium Bridge. Photo from Abbey's files.

Crossing the Millenium Bridge. Photo from Abbey’s files.

Guess where we are and what we're looking at? Hint: We're looking at the month-long schedule of performances at. . .

Guess where we are and what we’re looking at? Hint: We’re looking at the month-long schedule of performances at. . .

. . . Shakespeare’s Globe! Photo from Abbey’s files.

In the middle of the throng waiting for Johnny Depp at the London premiere of Dark Shadows at Leicester Square. Photo by Giselle.

In the middle of the throng waiting for Johnny Depp at the London premiere of Dark Shadows at Leicester Square. Photo by Giselle.

At Piccadilly Circus trying to score three el cheapo West End tickets.

At Piccadilly Circus trying to score three el cheapo West End tickets. Photo by Abbey.

At the Lyceum Theatre for The Lion King.

At the Lyceum Theatre for The Lion King. Photo by Giselle.

Waiting for Simba.

Waiting for Simba.

And that’s that. I told you it was a jam-packed day, and it ended around 11 pm. We weren’t even able to grab a decent dinner, egads! It was a wonder we survived that grueling first day.

But as they always say, it was just the beginning.  More in the days to come. . . .