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Since I’ve been craving for Turkish coffee since I had a taste of it at Arya Persian Restaurant last month, I decided to look for another middle-eastern/Persian restaurant that can offer the same, if not better caffeine rush at a mall that is nearest and most convenient to me, at the Trinoma mall.  I wasn’t really expecting to find one, but lo, I did! Thank heavens for google, hahahaha.

There it was, Shomal by Hossein’s.


The interior is quite extravagant; lots of comfy tables and chairs. There are even some booths where you can pull the curtains down to give you and your friends a semblance of privacy. Very chic!


Since it was already 2 pm, I opted for something light to go with my Turkish coffee. I ordered their beef shawarma which, for 250+/- pesos is quite pricey for a shawarma.



Shomal’s Turkish coffee.

Now to compare Arya’s Turkish coffee with this new find from Shomal.

Presentation-wise, the one from Arya wins hands down. I mean just look at the serving pot!


Arya’s Turkish coffee.

They also gave me a cup of cream and sugar on the side, just in case I wanted it with my coffee (do I hear shouts of “Sacrilege!” from my readers?). It was delicious, indeed.  And that was the reason why I’ve been craving for another cuppa for the past few weeks or so.

Now what about Shomal’s Turkish coffee? They didn’t give me cream on the side, no. Just a pack of Splenda which I used to sweeten my cup of caffeine. It’s your choice, I suppose. The coffee may be a bit tart for your palate so, your call.  Unlike at Arya where they serve you a whole pot of it, this time, it’s just in a wee cup, which means, after I put some sugar on it, I had to stir the bottom since the good part of the coffee (the oh so rich part of it) has already settled at the bottom. But since it’s a tiny cup (so tiny I’m guessing the entire cup is only about 7 tablespoons of liquid in all), it’s a quick stir. And once you’re done stirring, you will actually see some specks of the coffee floating about, and some specks of it sticking along the mouth of your cup.

As for the taste, I must say, Shomal’s is richer and creamier. It’s so rich it’s deadly. I mean, wow. Let me put its strength this way. I had a threading appointment immediately after my coffee break. The thing is, I always ALWAYS shed a tear or two (or three or four. . . you get the point. You get the pain, I mean) while the whole threading thing is going on. But not this time. Not after Shomal’s Turkish caffeine kick. No more tears, baby. I think I’ve just discovered another pain-killer.


What remains at the bottom is the rich and bitter coffee grounds.

Taste-wise, Shomal’s is a bit better, yes. For 150 pesos (or it 170? Can’t remember) for a small cup, it’s a once in a while treat, I think. But Arya’s caffeine is not to be taken lightly, oh no. It’s still delicious in my book, though not as rich. But you get more coffee for your money so in the end, it’s your call. But I suggest you try both places and experience what their Turkish coffee have to offer.

بفرماييد  (bon apetit!)