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Remember me? Remember us? Yep, we’re still here.

This link compelled me to blog today: A Message To Everyone Out There Who Thinks They Aren’t Beautiful In Pictures

I have one too many friends who are like this. Yes, I’m talking to you and you and you and you! Stop it! You ARE beautiful. I love taking photos and nothing disappoints me more than when someone looks at a photo that I took of them and they ask me to delete it because they think they don’t look pretty. And it’s only the women! Why?! I blame the unrealistic ideals of what it means to be beautiful. I’ve yet to hear any of my guy friends ask me to delete anything. I must admit, I’ve done it too. I mean, I comment about how fat and unflattering I look in a photo and it takes a huge effort for me to not kindly ask them to delete it. I may have, in the past, but no more.

God created me the way I am and I should be proud of what I look like. To say anything derogatory about myself would just be like saying, “Your work is ugly, God.”

So enough of the negativity. We are all beautiful!


In other news, this happened and I missed it. Boo!

15th Anniversary Cover Launch

15th Anniversary
Cover Launch

I’m waiting for Frankie to blog about the our latest Harry Potter event. Did you hear about that? We probably should have promoted it here. Sorry about that. 😦

I’m not really sure what happened to Abbey. I thinks she’s lost somewhere in the Floo Network or maybe, just maybe, she’s taken over The Burrow – you know, being domesticated and all. Peace, Bubbles! :p

As for me, I’m still enjoying being in a singing group. Last Sunday, we sang for a fund-raising event at Manly. We sang alright, I guess. Or maybe we’re too hard on ourselves, I don’t know. All I can say is that Rhea’s voice is AMAZING! What a singer! 🙂

Here’s a recording of one of our last practices before the actual performance. Yes, ako yung mali ang pasok so we had to repeat. *hides*

The first and last performance of Flip Tones.

The first and last performance of Flip Tones. (L-R: Mary, Carol, Mark, me, Anton, Ryan, Rhea, Liv.)

We needed to come up with a group name and so we went with Flip Tones (my silly suggestion) but since we’re not sold on that name, it ain’t sticking. There is a front-runner but I’ll keep it a secret first. We have to vote on a group name!

Oh, I almost forgot! A couple of weeks ago, we saw Pink. What a performer! If you get the chance, you should go and see her live.

Watching Pink at Allphones Arena with friends.

Watching Pink at Allphones Arena with friends.