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How does one talk about music? I mean, really? It’s a temporal, not a spatial art, and it being such, I’ve always found it difficult to articulate my feelings about something that moves through time and is intangible in general, and about musical compositions that I love to be more specific.

As I find myself listening to music at this very moment, and one musical composition is currently on the loop (for an eternity now, it seems), I find myself transported to a particular moment in time. A blast from the past kind of scenario. For the curious, I am currently listening to Vivaldi’s Lute Concerto in D major, RV 93: II. Largo. 

As Her Majesty Barbra Streisand once said, “memories, light the corners of my mind. . . .”

Funny how certain music can calm you, or put you in a state of panic, or as in my current case, bring you a good dose of phantom frustrations, disappointments, and all around agony and torture.

Match the notes and the saccharine melody with certain visuals from a film where said music was used and you have a recipe for a Frankie disaster.

Match the notes, the saccharine melody, and the film with memories of kindness long gone and with imagined friendships, and you have an evening wasted for nothing. 

I guess I should just switch to Bach and leave Vivaldi for the time being.